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Angina pectoris


Angina pectoris derives from Latin and translates as 'tight chest'.

Chest pain due to reduced blood flow to the heart is known as angina or angina pectoris.
Hardening of the coronary arteries (atherosclerosis) that feed the heart is normally the underlying problem; it is important for treatment and prevention of angina to learn more about atherosclerosis.
Atherosclerosis affects many people in developed countries. It may start as early as your 20s and increases with age.
Coronary artery spasms may also cause angina.

There are three main types of angina.

1. The first is called stable angina. This type of chest pain comes on during exercise and is both common and predictable. Stable angina is often associated with atherosclerosis.

2. A second type, called variant angina, can occur at rest or during exercise. This type is primarily due to sudden coronary artery spasm, though atherosclerosis may also be a component.

3. The third, most severe type is called unstable angina. This angina occurs with no predictability and can quickly lead to a heart attack. Anyone with significant, new chest pain or a worsening of previously mild angina must seek medical care immediately.


All symptoms typically occur in connection with physical exertion or psychological stress.
They are often worse in cold or windy weather, and sometimes after big meals.

A squeezing or heavy pressing sensation on the chest.

A constricting sensation in the throat.

A sense of heaviness or numbness in the arm, shoulder, elbow or hand (usually on the left side).

The discomfort can radiate into both arms, jaw, teeth, ears, stomach or between the shoulder blades.

Increased shortness of breath on exercise.

More severe unstable angina can be associated with the same symptoms at rest.


Name: Indications:
Cactus compositum
Package size:
10 ampoules.

For the adjunctive treatment of myocardial and cerebral ischemia following cardiovascular accident.
Package size:
10 ampoules.

Coronary circulation disorders, after myocardial infarction, myocar-dial weakness, gastrocardiac syndrome, arrhythmia cordis, angina pectoris, emphysema, athlete’s heart.
Package size:
10 ampoules.

Coronary disorders of the circulation, anginous disorders.
Recommended cure: 5 weeks program for standard therapy (according to BioNordic)

1 ampoule Cactus compositum (Dissolved in a glass of water)

1 ampoule Cralonin (Dissolved in a glass of water)

1 ampoule Angio-Injeel (Dissolved in a glass of water)

1 ampoule Cactus compositum (Dissolved in a glass of water)

1 ampoule Cralonin (Dissolved in a glass of water)

1 ampoule Angio-Injeel (Dissolved in a glass of water)

One medication free day.

Information and recommendation is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.

Package size for 5 weeks: 10 ampoules Cactus compositum, 10 ampoules Cralonin and 10 ampoules Angio-Injeel.
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Vitamin E
Fish oil (EPA/DHA)
Coenzyme Q10
Amino:L-carnitine, Arginine, N-acetyl cysteine
Vitamin E
Dietary changes that may be helpful. (Online Consultation)
Avoid/reduce coffee, cigarette
Increasing physical exercise
If you suffer from diabetes Type 1 or Type 2, or high blood pressure maintain treatment for these conditions.

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